Acetop group, with its three subsidiaries including Acetop Financial Limited, Acetop Global Markets Limited and Acetop Precious Metals Limited, has been widely recognized by the market and investors for many years and has won numerous authorative certifications and awards.

  • Acetop explores business opportunities with a global mindset, pragmatic investment plan and efficient service system, leading a new era of the Internet financial industry.

  • Leading the industry forward, Acetop has built an advanced Fintech trading platform with innovative technology, in order to pursuit all-round improvements on trading experience and financial services.

  • Acting as one of the most outstanding forex brokers in the internet financial industry, Acetop has been a market leader to refine our services for delivering better trading experiences and in continuous innovations.

  • Over the years, Acetop has not only developed into one of the world's most trustworthy financial platforms, but also contributed to cultivating talents in the industry.

  • Acetop obtained powerful competitiveness through innovation which sets an industry benchmark to promote reform and development of the precious metals industry.

  • Encoutering new opportunities and new challenges, Acetop acted as a pioneer to explore precious metals investment market with professional technology and quality services.

  • Acetop collaborated with Shanghai to lead the mainland gold market to enter the international arena and continuously won authorative certifications with extraordinary capability.

  • Acetop became one of the first batch brokers stationed in Qianhai and promoted the internationalization of China's financial market with multi-field investment and diversified investment services.

  • Acetop actively kept pace with the development of the times to forge a leading comprehensive service provider. It has won numerous awards and became a model of the precious metals industry.

  • Acetop grew stronger rapidly with excellent services to create an Asian precious metals investment brand worthy of the trust of global investors.