International licenses to Offer Professional and Trustworthy Service

With its subsidiaries holding licenses from different regulatory agencies, Acetop Limited, whose professional qualifications and reputation have been unanimously recognized, provides 24-hour and electronic trading and security guarantee around the clock.

Acetop Financial Limited holds the FCA license with the registration number of 767154.

Acetop Global Markets Limited holds the SCB licence.

Acetop Precious Metals Limited is a regulated e-trading member (No.145) of the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE), holding the highest-grade type AA Marketing Trading License

Technological Power to Protect Privacy

Using "HTTPS" certificate, namely "hypertext transfer security protocol", Acetop Limited joins the SSL network security protocol, which is internationally recognized, to build an efficient and accurate identity authentication system for websites with the goal of security. The system maintains the security of the exchange data and prevents third parties from interfering with the security of the platform and customers' funds;

Acetop Limited operates a 24-hour monitoring platform to ensure smooth trading for investors and guard against any unstable factors from outside;

through the strict encryption system, Acetop Limited can guarantee the privacy and security of customers, safeguard the rights and interests of investors, and keep each capital flow transparent and clear.

Funds Separation to Ensure the Safety of Investment

In deep cooperation with international authoritative financial institutions, Acetop Limited separates investors' funds and manages them independently to ensure the safety of customers' assets with the highest standards;

Acetop Limited always abides by strict financial standards and is regularly audited by regulatory agencies and top international accounting firms in accordance with the law. The audit results are true and fair, and investors can rest assured to invest in the wealth management market.

Professional Financial Services to Secure Investors Funds

Acetop Limited has established an independent financial department, in which the finance specialists are professionally trained and screened to provide private deposit and withdrawal services for global investors under the guidance of regulatory agencies and laws.

Each customer is equipped with a 24-hour financial assistant, who can respond with high efficiency and speed, and investors can keep abreast of capital trends at any time.